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Continental Breakfast
Coffee Cake
Sliced poundcake
Fresh cut fruit display
Individual yogart cups

3 Selections from the above list.................................................................................................................$5.50 per guest
     price includes juice,condiments,disposable plates,napkins and utensils           
       [Top].                                                                                          With Colombian coffee ........$7.50 per guest

Hot selections
Choice of one
Scrambled eggs
French Toast
Choice of two
Pork roll
Home fried potatoes

Price includes bagels, juice and condiments. Hot items displayed in chafing dishes.

$8.95 per guest

Additional Breakfast Selections
Columbian and Decaffinated Coffee
$2.95 per guest
Sweetener and Cream
Fresh cut fruit 
Small. Bowl   Serves 8-12.    18.00.       Large bowl serves 18-22.  30.00
Freshly baked Brooklyn bagels/ plain,cinnamon raisin,poppy,sesame,blueberry and onion 
Served with cream cheese,sweet butter and strawberry preserves
         Tray of 15.           29.95.              Tray of 25.     39.95   

Breakfast Burritos
$4.50 per guest
Tortilla wraps prepared with scrambled egg,potatoes,cheddar cheese and your choice of bacon.sausage,steak.
                 Meatless option also available

10 oz  juice/orange,apple and cranberry"..................1.50
16oz bottled water................................................1.00
Omelettes  prepared to order with condiments
Call for Pricing

(Price includes choice of 2 lunch salads)
Luncheon Platter
$9.50 per guest
Sliced tavernHam,roasted Turkey Breast,Eye round of beef ,grilled chicken breastSwiss,American and Provolone Cheeses displayed on a bed of
Romaine lettuce and garnished with tomatoes,pickles,olives and roasted peppers/accompanied with club rolls,wheat and rye bread
Sandwich Variety
$8.95 per guest
Sliced tavernHam,roasted Turkey Breast,Eye round of Beef, Chicken Salad and Tuna Salad.All displayed with Romaine Lettuce and Tomato 
on kaiser rolls,rye and wheat bread
Tortilla Wrap Platter
$8.95 per guest
Sliced Ham,Turkey Breast,Eye round of Beef, Chicken Salad,tuna salad and Marinated grilled Vegetables.All displayed with spring mix,chopped Tomato and wrapped with an array of Flour,Wheat and tomato basil tortillas
European Sandwich Display
Choice of three
Marinated grilled chicken breast,provolone and roasted peppers
Marinated grilled chicken breast with pesto and mozzarella
Eye round of beef,grilled red onions, swiss cheese horseradish mayo

Italian/ham capicola,genoa salami,sharp provolone/basil infused olive oil
Roasted turkey breast,provolone cheese and sauteed spinach

Marinated grilled vegetables with sautéed spinach and roasted peppers
Grilled Chicken Mediterranean/feta cheese,olives red onion
Fresh mozzarella,grape tomato and fresh basil / balsamic drizzle

    Prepared on artisan rolls with romaine and tomato. chips and choice of 2 lunch salads
$9.95 per guest

Lunch salads
Red bliss potato
potato salad french/dijon sherry vinnaigrette
Rotini pasta with broccoli,grape  tomatoes in a parmesan vinnaigrette
Caesar salad with shaved parmesan and croutons
broccoli salad/lightly dressed with almond slices,craisins and bacon
Orzo pasta/cherry tomato,olives,feta lemon olive oil
fresh cut fruit
mixed greens/balsamic
* Add our in house Baked cookies
$1.25 per guest

* Add a variety of chocolate iced brownies and desert Bars.
$1.50 per guest

Boxed Lunch
$9.95 per guest
Choice of Ham,turkey,eye round of beef,chicken or tuna salad prepared on roll or tortilla wrap. packaged together with lunch salad,chip,cookie,utensils,napkin mustard and mayo.
in a decorative gable box.

Hot Lunch Selections
(Includes choice of  1 entrée 1 lunch  salad  and desert)               
 Pulled Pork barbeque                                                                                                        
           snowflake roll and southern slaw,and macaroni cheese
 Philly cheese steak 
           Italian roll,pickles,peppers fried onions 
 Top Round of beef
          soft Kaiser roll,au jus,pickles and horseradish
 Italian sausage 
          Italian roll,sauteed peppers and onions,
 Roasted turkey breast
          club roll,gravy,cranberry sauce
 Roasted pork loin
          Club roll,pan juices,spinach and sharp provolone
                                                10.95 per guest





Chicken Quesadillas
Pigs in a Blanket
Sweet and Sour Meatballs
Crab Fritters
Scallops Wrapped in Bacon
Crab Rangoons
Mini Crabcake
Hummus Display
Fresh Fruit
Crudite with Dip
Cheese with Crackers
Coconut Shrimp / Clementine Dipping Sauce
Mushroom Caps / Crabmeat Stuffing
Pork Dumplings / Chili Garlic Sauce
Fresh Mozzarella, Sliced Tomato and Basil / Balsamic Drizzle
Shrimp Cocktail
Cheesesteak Egg Roll
South Western Egg Roll
Vegetable Egg Roll / Sweet Chili Sauce
Margharita Shrimp Skewers
Malasian Chicken Satay / Spiced Coconut Sauce
Southwestern Style Beef or Chicken Skewers
Teriyaki Chicken Skewers

Sides & Salads
Garden Salad (choice of dressing)
Caesar salad with shaved Parmesan cheese and croutons
Mixed greens with cherry tomatoes and cucumbers (balsamic vinaigrette)
Mixed greens with grape tomato, cucumber, walnuts, craisins (red raspberry vinaigrette)
Roasted red potato
Potato au gratin
Garlic mashed potato
Lemon thyme garlic baby potatos with onion
Rice pilaf
Yellow rice
Whole green bean (thyme butter)
Summer vegatables (herb butter)
Zuccuini squash sautee
Steamed broccoli
Asparagus (lemon butter)
Roasted cauliflower (cheddar cheese bechemal)
3 bean medley
Carrot, cauliflower and broccoli blend

        Buffet selections-choice of 2 entrees and 2 sides.price includes rolls and butter    13.95 per guest

Chicken cacciatori 
     breaded chicken filet topped with light tomato wine sauce,mushrooms peppers and onions

Chicken parmesan
Mozzarella cheese,maranara sauce
Chicken Piccatta
Lemon wine sauce,capers
Chicken Saltimbocca
Chicken Breast stuffed wih prosciutto,spinach and provolone
Chicken marsala
sweet marsala wine and mushrooms
Chicken cordon Bleu
Swiss cheese and Ham,mornay sauce


roasted sirloin 
    red wine and mushrooms*
Beef stroganoff
    Rich mushroom gravy over egg noodles

Top Round of Beef
    Served with au jus, pickles and horsradish

Roast pork natural pan juices 
        spinach and sharp provolone
baked ham
        Pineapple sauce
roasted turkey breast
        Traditional gravy
Meat lasagna
cheese lasagna
Spinach Lasagna
    sautéed spinach,mozzarella cheese,maranara

                 -herb mustard glaze
        -grilled with honey soy
        -dill sauce
        -almond crusted
        -grilled with a mango salsa
        -lemon wine sauce with crabmeat

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