Cold Options

Cold Food Option

Your Choice of Sandwich Tray, Hoagie Tray, Wraps, or Mixed Tray.

(Sandwich options include Ham and Cheese,Turkey and Cheese,Tuna Salad,Chicken Salad)

(Hoagie Options include Italian,Chicken Salad,Turkey,Tuna Salad)

Choose 2 of the following sides: Mixed Green Salad,Mediterranean Pasta Salad,Macaroni Salad,Fruit Salad,Red Bliss Potato Salad,Broccoli Salad,Pasta Salad

Price: $8.95 per


Chips- +$.50

Can Soda,Bottled Water- +$1.00

Paper Products- +$1.00

Cookies- +$1.00

Brownies & Cannoli- +$1.50

Caesar Salad- +$1.00

*per=price charged per person